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Budo-Taijutsu / Ninjutsu video lessons for 1st Kyu (DVD)

Budo-Taijutsu / Ninjutsu video lessons for 1st Kyu (DVD)
Regional Code: 2 (Japan, Europe, Middle East, South Africa)
Languages: German
Audio: Stereo
Picture Format: 4:3
Length: (approx) 54 minutes
Other: Interactive Menus, Chapter Selection

The training and examination program for 1st Kyu grade in the art of Ninjutsu / Budo-Taijutsu is available as a DVD video with a runtime of 54 minutes.

Important basics and also some variations for the 1st Kyu grade, which are necessary to learn this complex combative art, are demonstrated and explained on this video, in order to study these combative arts as traditionally and currently as possible, following the doctrine of grand master Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi (Japan).

The language of this video is German.

Examination is possible in case of respective qualification (more details on request).

This video has been created by and with graduate engineer Wolfgang Gröger Shihan 13th Dan (Menkyo Kaiden Kagyo Happo Hiken) Bujinkan Budo-Taijutsu (Dr. Hatsumi / Japan) and 12th Dan Goshin-Taijutsu (IAWO). Wolfgang Gröger is one of the first in Germany to study and teach Ninjutsu / Budo-Taijutsu. Thus he is one of the pioneers in the art of Ninjutsu / Budo-Taijutsu in Germany.

Content: Proceeding techniques (when trying throwing and levers), counter strikes (when trying throwing and levers), Free defence (one aggressor and two aggressors with and without contact, also with stick, knife, chain, chair, etc.), defnce against sword – Mutodori (without weapon), with sword, with Hanbo, with Jutte and Bo), Randori (high level, for example dodging by rolling and Tai Sabaki, striking back and defending, holding, tactics, etc.), defence on the floor (with and without contact), Ju Tai Jutsu IV (Shikaashi, Jigoku Otoshi), Torite Kihon Gata V (Omote Oni Kudaki, Ura Oni Kudaki, Temakura), Shime Waza Kihon Gata (Hon Jime, Gyaku Jime, San Kaku Jime, Eri Jime), Shime Hodoki (Shime Hodoki Temakura, San Kaku Jime Hoshi Dori Nage, San Kaku Jime Zu Dori Nage), Kyusho (Atemi / Schmerzpunkte gesamter Körper), Ju Tai Jutsu V (leg bowing lever, arm bolt from outside, arm bolt from inside, pulling leg through, punching and ripping the body back), Kiai Jutsu (kinds of Kiai and their execution).

Now this video is also availible as a Download. Futhermore you can see on the Cathegorie: Videodownloads in our shop (Panter Spirit).

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